The Asylum of Ravenmire

1. The Road to Ravenmire


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The party meets together officially for the first time. After some negativity following a less-than-stellar mission for some of the group, they meet the other members of the party at the caravan meeting point.


After the cargo is loaded up, the caravan merchant introduces herself as <meta />Lilly Talissa , as well as her two guards, Faris and Firas. Soon after, the party begin their two-day trek to Ravenmire.


The first day of the trip in uneventful, a sodden and soggy trek through drizzle and mud. The second day however, the party spot a group of shambling corpses down the road. The road being too narrow for the caravan to turn around in time for any hope of escape, the party fight with the aid of the merchant and her guards. With bramble, bomb, bolt, bullet and blade, the party safely dispatch the zombies and, after searching the bodies to no avail, makes a makeshift pyre to burn the corpses.


Arriving just by nightfall, the caravan merchant drops the party off at the tavern to find their accomodation. A quiet town, the party go to the town hall to speak to the mayor but missed her, finding a locked and empty building.


Within the tavern, the party meet the innkeeper, <meta />Seylah Dentt , who graciously shows offers them food, ale and their for rest and storage, giving the key to the party alchemist, Daxhammer.


The party enjoy a delicious and hearty meal from the innkeepers brother and cook, <meta />Trantil Dentt. Saelanna tries applying the charms of her trade, and, much to her chagrin, bemoans the lack of interest on the cook’s side. She otherwise pries some information of interest from the locals, including several of the townsfolk of note; the local healer, the village witch, the strange gnomish alchemist who moved in recently and the reclusive wizard living near the town.


Yoshiro and Saelanna soon after begin a performance when there’s a lull in activity in the tavern, rousing much cheer from the crowd with a stellar performance, as well as a few silver and copper pieces. However, the local minstrel group who were on a moments break took offence and confronted the two. Yoshiros diplomatic skills proved sour, and the minstrels shunned the pair with barbed words and icy glares.


The party soon retires to rest, Caroline claiming a bed to herself while Meow-Meow goes to their parents house. Saelanna suffers a bit of misfortune and a restless night, awakening fatigued and restless in the morning.


Soon after breaking their fast(though sadly coffee-free due to a mixup with the inns orders for the caravan shipment), the party make their way to the town hall and speak with the Mayor, <meta />Tatianna Duchant .


She informs the party of the Asylum to the east, how it appeared roughly 2 months ago, and how the party of villagers who went into it never came back. Other mercenary groups attempted to explore the group, though all that came back of them were maimed or driven mad. Compacting the problem, people have said they’ve seen monstrous shapes skulking the night, and more people have been attacked on the road, including a young woman who seemed to have been disemboweled in some sort of sacrificial ritual.


The mayor beseeches the party to put an end to the troubles plaguing the town, and thanks them for their co-operation. She informs the party that a leader from the near-by druidic circle, Elder Juaquim, is due sometime this afternoon to visit the city, and bids them farewell.


After parting with the mayor, the party discuss their next move, and decide to visit the Alchemist. Knocking on his door, a wiry-haired soot and chemical stained gnome answers the door and introduces himself as Al the Chemist, welcoming the party in when they say they want to purchase some alchemical items. After a tour of the haphazard alchemical lab, he sells an entangling shot the gunslinger, and strikes a deal with the party to help test out his bombs at the Tomb of the Two Brothers, a supposedly haunted tomb that resides somewhere nearby the village. In exchange for helping him test out his new experiments, he offers some of the explosive devices he’s been developing, as well as a holy balm for fighting undead creatures, if they come back tomorrow so he has time to prep the materials. Saelanna glugs some alchemical concoction that jolts her awake, with absolutely no far-reaching consequences or risk of spontaneous alchemically-induced combustion whatsoever.


At that point, the party say farewell to Al and plan their next move while waiting for Elder Juaquim to arrive into town.


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